Rick BaptistRich Baptist
Los Angeles studio trumpet and first trumpet on Dancing with the Stars

“I love my Schilke B5, I hate cleaning it. BlowDry Brass is a product that will make all of you who feel the same way as I do, Happy to clean your horn once and then use BlowDry Brass as directed. Trust me, you will be thrilled, and it is so easy”.

Chuck FindleyChuck Findley
World renowned trumpeter, educator and Studio & Recording artist

“If you want your horn to play at its best, I recommend BlowDry Brass. When traveling it’s always a hassle to keep your horn clean, but with BlowDry Brass you know that you will be playing a clean and easier blowing instrument. Take it from a world traveler it really helps.” – Chuck Findley

Dan Fornero Dan Fornero
Lead Trumpet for Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band with Wayne Bergeron, and one of the top call studio trumpet players in Los Angeles.

“The BlowDry Brass kit is a great product. It’s easy to use, very effective and my horns now stay clean on a consistent basis. The only downside is my trumpet can no longer be used as a discovery lab for new strains of bacteria… I recommend the BlowDry Brass kit highly!” -Dan Fornero

Gil Kaupp Gill Kaupp
Musician, Recording Engineer, Instructor (UNLV) & Multimedia Consultant

“BlowDry Brass is the quickest and most efficient system for keeping my horn clean and dry. The alcohol swab also disinfects the horn so bacteria gets removed as well. I play in Las Vegas showrooms everyday and having my horn be consistent is one less thing to worry about. I play on a horn with very close tolerances and it is amazing how much better the horn plays when it is clean! Before BlowDry Brass I was swabbing out my lead-pipe and tuning slide once a week but didn’t get the rest of horn unless I bathed it. Now I just blow the alcohol swab through the horn and voila! Also the tamper keeps my mouthpiece clean. Great idea, thanks Lisa!”

Flip OakesFlip Oakes

“One of the best kept secrets of playing consistent is to always play on consistent equipment. Using BlowDry Brass will do just that, and your horn will last much, much longer. In the long run, you’ll play better, sound better and save a lot of money not having to replace your horn because of red-rot! It’s a no-brainer” –Flip

Chase SanbornChase Sanborn
Brass Tactics

“BlowDry Brass is a well-designed and well-conceived new product. The concept of wicking away moisture before it breeds is familiar to woodwind players. Brass players, who are notoriously lax about instrument maintenance, should take note. It takes no more than a minute a day to maintain a clean, dry horn with BlowDry Brass. This is time well spent!”

Jan GlaeselJan Glaesel

One of Denmark’s finest and most asked for trumpet players, and author of Trumpet – Improve Your Game Vol. I – IV. Composer/ arranger, producer and musical director for The Meyerheim Talkshow on Danish National TV

“Play a clean horn, and the smartest and easiest way is BlowDry Brass. That’s clever!! I’ve been touring and I am so happy with my BlowDry Brass system – it feels like spring-cleaning every time I use it.”

Gary Cordell Gary Cordell
Freelance trumpet player – Las Vegas, Nevada

“I have told every brass player that I know about your wonderful product! I use it every day. It is so easy to use. It takes less than 2 minutes for me to keep my horn clean. So convenient, I can use it right on the job, right before I pack up. BlowDry Brass is easily one of the best products I have ever owned!!!”

Tom Delibero
Tom DeLibero
Lead trumpet – Las Vegas

“I’ve been using it for about a month now and love it! What a great idea. Thanks Lisa!”

Tom Kubis
Tom Kubis
Jazz composer/arranger, woodwind player, trumpet/flugelhorn player, recording artist, band leader

“OMG you wouldn’t believe how much stuff came out of my horns with the BlowDry Brass-I have to get this to my friends-it’s amazing!”

John Christianson
John Christianson
Reel Big Fish

“Being out on the road with Reel Big Fish doesn’t give me much chance to keep my horn clean. I use the BlowDry Brass every night before I put away my horn and it keeps it as clean as the day I started the tour. I love my BlowDry Brass!”

Steve Dillard
Steve Dillard

“Congrats to Lisa Forster and BlowDry Brass! Thanks to her fine product there will be and endless supply of vintage horns for eternity!”

Brian Mantz
Brian Mantz 
Freelance Musician/ Universal Studios Hollywood & Japan

“Thanks to BlowDry Brass, my horn plays the same every show. Keeping out the moisture is a great tactic to insure a clean instrument. Awesome product!”

Mike ZonshineMike Zonshine
Freelance Musician

“Here’s what I’d like the world to know about your great product: Ever since I worked in a couple of trumpet shops, I learned how important it is to keep your horn clean-Not only for the preservation of the instrument, but also to ensure that the instrument you are currently playing is the same instrument you chose from the music store. The daily remnants of our body do quickly build up in the instrument and before you know it; your instrument plays differently than it did when you first bought it. So for a long time, I have been obsessed with swabbing out the leadpipe, flushing out the horn, and other cleaning products. Yet, the horn still built up sediment and I would have to take apart the horn and clean it.

Lisa’s new product is the first daily maintenance product that seems to be durable enough to work effectively. Have your trumpet professionally cleaned, and use it. I promise you will be surprised by how much more consistently your playing will seem, because you are playing the same trumpet day in and day out. Thanks Lisa!”

Matt Fronke

Matt Fronke
Celine Dion, Don Henley, and Steve Tyrell


What our customers say:

Brian Mantz
Thanks to BlowDry Brass, my horn plays the same every show. Keeping out the moisture is a great tactic to insure a clean instrument. Awesome product!

Chuck Findley
If you want your horn to play at it’s best I recommend blow-dry. When traveling it’s always a hassle to keep your horn clean, but with blow dry you know that you will be playing a clean and easier blowing instument. Take it from a world traveler it realy helps. Chuck Findley

Wolfgang Sagert
I am a pro-player from Germany. BlowDry Brass was shown this year to me by my longtime friend Michael Thomas at the international music fair in Frankfurt/Germany. It´s fantastic! The results speak for itself.

Hi Wolfgang, I am glad BlowDry Brass is working for you. I use it every day. Having a consistently playing horn each day is why I developed BDB. Please let me know if you have any questions.


John Trombetta
Hi Lisa, John Trombetta here, professional trumpet player in NYC (this is not meant to be a written endorsement, although it may read like one). Just wanted to say hi and commend you on your excellent product. My horns have always been spotlessly clean and well maintained. It’s been many years since I worked for any length of time on the road, but earlier this year I covered the end of a tour on and off. Saw your product and (even though I’ve always steered clear of trendy new trumpet gizmos…I’m pretty anti-jive in that dept) thought it seemed like a good idea, and the price is very reasonable if it really worked. Started using it some months ago and I am VERY happy with the results. I’ve turned several people onto it since. Your straight-forward videos help a lot as well. Anyway, no motivation other than to say congrats, bravo, and thanks for following through with your brilliant idea, friend!

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