Q: How is BlowDry Brass different from Spitballs?


1) SpitBalls (SB) are smaller and harder and are clearly designed and marketed for breaking up & removing dirt. BlowDry Brass (BDB) is designed for removing moisture each day after playing. This eliminates the conditions that allow the “dirt” to build up.

2) The loaded BIT (wet) is about 2.5 times larger than SB, but much more pliable. This combination (size & pliability) moves the BIT easily through a horn and maximizes the amount of moisture (spit, degraded valve oil/grease, etc.) it removes; pics & flugelhorns alike.

3) BDB is designed to use daily, SB is marketed to use when your horn gets dirty (periodic use).

4) BDB keeps your mouthpieces clean, SB does not.

Q: Will Isopropyl alcohol damage my horn/valves?

A: No. The main function of the isopropyl alcohol is to swell or expand the foam BIT. The alcohol of the loaded BIT causes the foam to expand more than 70%, increasing its pliability and absorbency. The only alcohol going into your horn is the slight moisture left on the BIT after you squeeze the alcohol back into the jar. Side benefits of the alcohol are of course its disinfecting & drying properties.

Q: Why will I have to oil my valves more when using BlowDry Brass?

A: BlowDry Brass will remove oil left in the piston ports. Oil left in the ports eventually moves onto the pistons as you play and move the valves. Since all oil degrades, removing oil left in the ports (not on pistons) and adding fresh oil daily reduces one of the elements that cause a horn to build up grunge.

Q: What is the liquid in the jar & where do I get more?

A: 90% Isopropyl alcohol, which is rubbing alcohol that is available at all drug stores & most grocery stores (90% & 70%).

Q: If I play several times a day, do I have to use BDB after each session?

A: No, just after your last session.

Q: If I miss a day or two, do I have to re-wash my horn before using BDB?

A: No. As long as you use BDB regularly, missing a day or so is not a problem.

Q: Why does the foam BIT get damaged so easily?

A: The alcohol that expands the foam BIT also makes it easy to tear & cut. Some horns have more sharp edges inside than others, which will cause the BIT to get damaged. If you use 70% rubbing alcohol instead of 90%, the BIT will not damage as easily, although it will not remove as much moisture. My YFH731 will cut a new bit first run through. I still use it for 3-5 weeks until I start seeing the edges begin to fray.

Q: How long will the kit last?

A: About  one year & refills will be available.

Q: How many BITs are in a Kit?

A: 10